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Morton Trio

And Friends

11 April 2024 at 7.00pm

St Luke's Church, 1223 Amohia St

A bold and soaring musical experience

featuring the two great sextets for

clarinet, horn, piano, and strings.


Arna Morton, Violin
Alex Morton, French Horn
Liam Wooding, Piano
David McGregor, Clarinet
Sharon Baylis, Viola
Jeremy Garside, Cello

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This is chamber music with orchestral scope, riveting from the opening notes with Dohnányi’s rich and exhilarating Sextet, followed by what is considered Penderecki’s finest chamber achievement—two majestic works that allow the six performers to showcase their virtuosic brilliance and musicality.


Sylvia Jiang

23 July 2024 at 7.00pm

St Luke's Church, 1223 Amohia St

Sylvia Jiang is a Juilliard graduate and holds an Artist Diploma from the Peabody Institute. Her performances have been featured on BBC News, ABC Australia, and RNZ Concert, amongst others, and she has won numerous prizes at prestigious competitions including the Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition.

Hailed by critics as “a gifted young pianist of genuine substance” and “New Zealand’s most notable young emerging pianist,” Sylvia Jiang is a brilliant
performer on the rise.

For her debut national tour as a soloist, she has built a programme around the theme of ‘home’—both to her personally and as a broader concept. This results in a unique blend of New Zealand music, American compositions reminiscent of her time at Juilliard, and works reflecting her family’s Chinese heritage.

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22 August 2024 at 7.00pm

St Luke's Church, 1223 Amohia St

Hannah Darroch and Justin DeHart are dedicated to
championing both new and classic pieces for flute and
percussion. Known as engaging and highly-skilled musicians, their performances offer a dynamic up-close audience experience, introducing people to the versatility and colour of their many instrumental textures.

This programme is centered around three of the most popular and well-established works of the flute and percussion repertoire: Tōru Takemitsu’s Toward the Sea, Lou Harrison’s First Concerto for Flute and Percussion, and
New Zealander Gareth Farr’s Kembang Suling.

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These colourful masterpieces provide the versatile duo the opportunity to highlight the alluring timbral combination of flutes
(piccolo, soprano, alto, and bass) and percussion (rosewood marimba, gongs, and drums).The concert also brings the unique
voices of other American composers as well as recently commissioned works by New Zealand composers.

Dan Costa Quartet

12 November 2024 at 7.00pm

St Luke's Church, 1223 Amohia St

Inspired by the music of jazz legends Keith Jarrett and
Chick Corea, Dan Costa is a dazzling jazz pianist,
composer, and producer. He brings his cutting-edge
music to New Zealand audiences performing alongside
some of the finest jazz musicians in the country.

Featuring original compositions from his latest
album Beams, lead lines will be performed by Bill Martin
on tenor saxophone and Umar Zakaria on double bass,
and Carl Woodward on drums completes the stellar
rhythm section.


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Portuguese, Italian, British-born, Dan Costa has assembled an all-star band of New Zealand musicians who will showcase his
original compositions and Latin influenced jazz piano style.

Calathea Quartet

28 September 2023 at 7.30pm

Monarch Room, Prince's Gate Hotel

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This concert opens with the shining clarity of Mozart, leading us to the evocative and lyrical writing of Dame Gillian Whitehead, recently honoured with the prestigious Ngā Taonga Toi a Te Waka Toi award. Imogen Holst’s Phantasy Quartet follows with an almost jazzy flavour, a tonality that balances the driving rawness of Shostakovich’s gripping fifth quartet.



A clever mix of evocative works, including Mozart, Shostakovich, Holst, and New Zealand's own Gillian Whitehead


Claudia Tarrant-Matthews, violin

Eleanor Hill, violin

Martha Campbell, viola

Haydn Wynn, cello

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